Public Record

What are Public Records?

The term “public record” is broad. It refers to any data that is within an official reporting of information available to the general public. This data can be easily accessed. An example would be looking up a phone number of a person whose number is listed, or even a more difficult piece of data that is only accessible by running an open-records request.

While public records may be frequently drawn from government records, not all government records are available to the public. There are governmental regulations for the type of data that may be released to the public and for the storage and distribution of government-held data. The government may keep public records on individuals as well as business, corporate, and government entities. But in most cases, the term “public record” is used to refer to an individual person's public record, and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) governs the release of government agency public records. This has helped make government records available to the public. Here are some of the most common public records:

  • Divorce Records
  • Death Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Birth Records
  • Criminal Records

Where do I start? Reverse Phone Lookup!

Are you getting calls from phone numbers you don’t recognize? Are you planning to go on a date with someone and want to find out more about them? You can start with a reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookups can help you understand the people around you and even help you to protect yourself in the process!

  • Owner Name

  • Address

  • Email

Why Reverse Phone Lookups?

You can find free phone number lookup tools online, but many have flaws and are not secure. For example, these tools typically only provide ownership data for landline numbers. This is because cellular networks control access to their phone numbers, and they will only provide them at a price.

Of course, free lookup tools can’t buy access to cell phone records when they give the information away for nothing, so they can only give you a fraction of the data you need.

Free sites also can’t conduct criminal background checks. But if you’ve found a caller’s information using a reverse phone lookup and you still need to know more, you can uncover public records and expand your search with just a single click

How can this information help me?

  • It can help you look up “mystery” numbers.
  • It can put a stop to harassing phone calls.
  • It can help you avoid telemarketers.
  • It can help you avoid specific individuals.

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