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Public records, what are they really?

You may have heard the term "public record" before but were unaware of what it meant. You might have even come across it at one point in your life, without knowing its true meaning. A public record refers to a public data source containing information that is available with minimal restrictions.

In other words, a public record is the easy way to search public data that is not confidential. An example of a public record is personal information, such as phone number listings. Anytime you search for public information, you're looking for public records.

Where Does Public Data Come From?

Most public records are from government agencies. They act as a public library where you can go to access public records. Although this data is subject to disclosure, there are certain restrictions about how you can get them. The government modulates some of them and may need a court order before granting access.

What Are Some Examples Of Public Records?

There are certain types of records or information that fall under the domain of public records; some of which you may already recognize. These include but are not limited to:

  • Check - Birth records Birth Records
  • Check - Marriage records Marriage Records
  • Check - Marriage licenses Marriage Licenses
  • Check - Court records Court Records
  • Check - Licensing records Licensing Records
  • Check - Voting records Voting Records
  • Check - Studies and reports Studies and reports
  • Check - Court documents Court Documents
  • Check - Public divorce records Divorce Records
  • Check - Criminal records Criminal Records
  • Check - Death records Death Records
  • Check - Real estate records Real Estate Records
  • Check - Court cases Court Cases

The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), also known as the Public Information Act, makes information held by public and government agencies open for public search.

Two main clauses contained in this document are:

1. Public and government agencies are required by law to declare some essential information about their dealings.

2. Any member of the general public can at any time have access to public data upon request.

Reverse Phone Lookup Service

What is a reverse phone lookup?

Do you see calls from unknown phone numbers? Ever have questions about someone you've just met? Start finding out more information by doing a reverse phone lookup. A reverse phone lookup can get you the information you're looking for quickly. Reverse phone lookup simply draws up information concerning the phone number in question. This way, you get to play "phone detective" and find out who called.

  • Check public records for a person’s name verification

    Owner Name

    Check public records for a potential person's alias
  • Flag potential inaccurate address information


    Known residency address verification
  • Airplane icon


    Check for known email address

Why should I use a reverse phone lookup service?

Of course, you may find other reverse phone number lookup sites online. The question is, are they really secure to give you the information you need? Not all phone number lookup sites can give you up-to-date information about a phone number. A lot of phone number lookup sites can only go as far as providing landline phone number information, and many of them are not secure. Extra services like those like reverse cell phone lookup, may require some kind of fee. This is why using a professional reverse phone lookup service is a lot more advantageous when you quickly need to look up a number.

Are Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services Worth Using?

Unfortunately, most free phone number lookups don't purchase cell phone records; meaning there is a limitation to the kind of information one can get from free reverse phone lookup services. If the phone number you are inquiring about is a cell phone number, you will most likely not be able to gather any information because the free reverse lookup service doesn’t pay for the data.

Free reverse phone lookup sites also aren't allowed to run criminal background checks. This means they cannot run criminal background checks on landline or cell phone numbers. Which is another reason to use’s public reports services.

How can a reverse phone lookup benefit me?

There are loads of benefits associated with using a reverse phone lookup. Some of these benefits are;

  1. It helps you immediately find who is calling you by simply entering a phone number.
  2. You can perform suspicious phone number lookup and scammer phone number lookup.
  3. You can also perform spam phone lookups and set restrictions such as blocking off unwanted callers.
  4. It can help you avoid unwanted callers.

Popular Questions and Answers

Do public records show up on credit reports?

The simple answer is yes; there is even a section on your credit report that is reserved solely for public records. These records are available for sourcing at a local, state and federal court at any time. This allows creditors to file a legal action against you if you are in defiance of an agreement or you commit a serious offense.

What's a derogatory public record?

A derogatory public record is simply an entry that reflects poor judgment on your part, like in cases of violation of financial agreements. It can be viewed as a very negative attribute by money lenders and financial institutions because it immediately portrays you as potential credit risk. Such information can ruin your chances of qualifying for any kind of credit facility.

Will a person know I am searching for their public records?

Well, the answer to this is simply yes and no.

Here is a typical illustration of when your public data search could be made known: if for example, you want to search for probate records in a county office, to obtain a copy you will have to pay a fee, but you will also be required to enter your personal information in a public register. There will be no notification to the person of interest. Although, your inquiry is now on record. However, you can avoid this by accessing public records online directly from the comfort of your PC; this way, no one will know.

How do phone scammers find my phone number?

There are several ways scammers can access your phone number. We will mention the three main methods by which they do this:

  1. They can access your number via white pages. A white page is a record of subscribers in a telephone directory.
  2. Listing of some numbers on a phishing black market. Once a scammer gets your number, that number is then put on display on this black market for other scammers to have access.
  3. You can also perform spam phone lookups and set restrictions such as blocking off unwanted callers.
  4. Computer software can randomly generate a cell phone number from what you call a spam call center. If you are not lucky enough, you can fall victim to any number of phone scams from this type of trick.
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