Public Record

Public Records, what are they really?

You may have heard the term “public record” before but were unaware of what it meant. Public records are information that includes official reporting that’s easily available to the general public. The most commonly known public records are phone numbers. Anytime you search for a phone number or specific piece of information about someone you’re looking for public records.

Most public records you search for are from government records, but you may have difficulty locating some information because some government records aren’t accessible to the general public. Some public records are regulated by the government and have rules on the distribution and storage of specific data. Besides individuals, the government may have public records on businesses, corporations, and government entities. The FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) has regulations on the release of government agency public records, which has allowed government records to be obtainable to the general public. Some of the most common public records you may recognize are:

  • Birth Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Death Records

Best way to start? Run a Reverse Phone Lookup!

Do you see calls from unknown phone numbers? Ever have questions about someone you’ve just met? Start finding out more information by doing a reverse phone lookup. A reverse phone lookup can get you the information you’re looking for quickly.

  • Owner Name

  • Address

  • Email

Why Should I Use Reverse Phone Lookups?

Of course, you may find other reverse phone number lookup sites online, but are they really secure or give you the information you’re actually looking for? Most of the time these other sites only have access to providing you landline phone number information. Due to most cellular networks controlling who gets information on their numbers, they will typically charge a price to provide them.

Because free phone number lookups aren’t purchasing the information from cell phone records you are left with only partial of the information you’re looking for.

Also, did you know free sites aren’t allowed to run criminal background checks? They aren’t, but if you run a reverse phone lookup and find a person’s information you can check their public records to search for even more.

How can a reverse phone lookup benefit me?
  • It can help you see who’s calling.
  • It can give you more information on a phone number.
  • It can help you avoid unwanted callers.
  • It can help you know phone numbers to block.
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